Peter Santaniello

M.Sc. Systems Engineering, Principal Consultant

Peter is an industry-leading expert in project management, IT strategy, enterprise software implementation, and organizational change management. Pemeco’s clients benefit from Peter’s unique blend of soft and hard skills, including interpersonal relationships, technical capabilities, and business savvy.

Peter successfully led the ERP implementation project at Boeing’s 737/757 division. In his capacity as IT Director at Huck Fasteners/Alcoa Fasteners, Peter managed the applications, infrastructure, and communications projects at 17 worldwide divisions, including the global rollout of a Tier-I ERP system. Peter is also an experienced IT infrastructure strategist who developed the strategic plan for and led the implementation of the infrastructure project for the U.S. Forces – Iraq.
Peter currently manages projects spanning enterprise software selection (ERP, QMS, CRM, BI, CAD, PLM, and others), project implementation, and custom software requirements definition for clients in aerospace and defense, medical device, high-tech and electronics, automotive, process, and wholesale distribution markets. From an integration perspective, Peter helps companies integrate organizational structures, business processes, and systems to achieve projected M&A synergies.
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