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Regular ​Rate: ​$475

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software evaluations.
  • Implementation preparation.
  • Business requirements analysis.
  • Business case development.
ERP Vendor Congress is where selection teams and decision-makers come together to compare leading ERP solutions, learn best practices, and network with their peers.

Brought to you by Manufacturing AUTOMATION and Pemeco Consulting, the ERP Vendor Congress will provide your business with the tools it needs to lead a successful ERP project from start-to-finish.

During this hands-on two-day event, you will:
  • Evaluate multiple leading manufacturing ERP solutions
  • Define business requirements for your project
  • Build a business case, including planning and budgeting documents
  • Prepare your organization for ERP implementation
  • Learn ERP implementation project management best practices

Registration includes:

  • Two days of hands-on ERP project planning including building a business case, project planning and change management
  • Keynote plenary on ERP Software Trends and Top-7 ERP Implementation Critical Success Factors
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Networking Reception with Industry Experts and Peers

“Thank you for hosting a most excellent conference.”
— Jerry Surzycia, Senior Business Analyst, Litens Automotive
“I would like to thank Jonathan and the two Peters for the tremendous job they’ve done as well as the insights they shared with us during the two-day session.”
— Serge Colin, President, ClairiTech INNOVATIONS

ERP Vendor Congress is a closed event for qualified delegates only. Show management reserves the right to decline registration.